Can Dreams Give You a Heads Up About Your Health?

I attended the Haden Institute Summer Dream Conference a few weeks ago.  I go every year and this year’s conference was the best one I’ve attended in a long time.  One of the breakout workshops was given by Dr. Larry Burk, a radiologist, who has recently published a book with his friend Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos about dreams that give an early warning about disease in the body.  Specifically, this new book, Dreams That Can Save Your Life, recounts experiences of 18 women who had dreams referencing breast cancer and how those dreams propelled them to seek treatment often before any symptoms were evident.  Fascinating!  Dr. Burk was very familiar with two other books on this subject: She Who Dreams by Wanda Burch and Healing Dreams by Marc Ian Barasch.

Here’s what these types of dreams have in common:  They often include deceased loved ones or medical professionals; unlike other kinds of dreams, they often, but not always, present in a more literal way – the dreamer is often directed outright to seek medical treatment; they have a clarity and urgency; they often depict spiders or crabs….


I brought Dr. Burk’s book home with me and I’ve just about finished it.  I recommend all three books.  Another reason to pay attention to your dreams!

2019 Winter Dream Conference at Gray Center!  Friday night, Feb.22 – Introduction to Dream Work with Karen Bonner. All day Saturday, Feb. 23 with Jerry Wright! Group Dream Work Saturday night and Sunday morning, Feb. 24.  Here’s the link to register.

Dr. Wright’s presentation: The Creative Unconscious and Her Many Manifestations
This presentation by Dr. Wright will address the fecund unconscious that is always birthing and inviting us to be midwives for the unfolding of our lives, individually and collectively.  Special attention will be given to nighttime dreams, daytime projective phenomena, and archetypal images that result in religions and religious doctrines and dogmas.  Drawing on the rich analytical psychology of C. G. Jung and various religious and mystical traditions, Dr. Wright will offer practical suggestions for attending dreams, projections that color all relationships, and numinous experiences that seek us out rather continuously.  Advanced knowledge of Jungian psychology is not required to be a full participant in the conference.
New to dream work?  Not sure what an archetype is?  Or a numinous experience?  Join us Friday night for a fast and fun introduction to Jung’s model of the psyche, a map to the source of dreams plus a cheat-sheet of Jungian terms to enrich your weekend experience!  Then stay with us Saturday night and Sunday morning to practice what we’ve learned using projective dream work methods in group dream work!

Understanding Your Dreams: A Brief Introduction Millsaps, Saturday, April 13, 2019, 9am – 1pm, $45.00.  What are these images and stories that come in our sleep?  Do they mean anything? Yes!  If you want better self-understanding, better relationships and more inspiration and energy, come learn what your deeper wisdom is showing you in your dreams!  For more information or to register, contact Millsaps College Continuing Education at 601-974-1130 or go to this link: Millsaps College Community Enrichment