You have a tool within you can access anytime – your dreams.  Our dreams, properly understood tell us the truth about ourselves. Dream work in counseling and coaching is a wonderful resource. Dreams give us pictures – images of our inner mind and our deeper wisdom. I don’t interpret your dream. My job is to teach you to discover the meaning in your dream for yourself.  Insight from this process often comes very quickly and is enough to solve specific problems.

In addition to problem-solving, dream work is also a way of enriching and deepening your understanding of yourself, your relationships and your creative potential.  Your dreams can guide you as you develop your potential to its fullest.


January 22, 2018

I’ve come across some Japanese phrases I’d like to share with you.  These first three come from a Japanese philosophy for a happy life:

  • Ikigai – purpose, meaning, something to do and somewhere to go – with meaning.
  • Hara hachi bu – 80% full.  What I read about this has to do with feeling 80% full after a meal and being satisfied with that.  Let’s expand it, though.  Can we be 80% full with things, activities, the to-do list and learn to feel satisfied?
  • Moai – community, social/family network.

So! having purpose, being satisfied with a little less and being part of a community with close social and family connections.  Sounds about right.

Two more Japanese concepts:

  • Wabi sabi – finding beauty in imperfection.
  • (this one is my favorite) Kintsugi – from kintsukuroi (golden repair) – “the art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold….as a philosophy, it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise.

Can we apply these to life today?


Understanding Your Dreams: A Brief Introduction Millsaps, Saturday, April 13, 2019, 9am – 1pm, $45.00.  What are these images and stories that come in our sleep?  Do they mean anything? Yes!  If you want better self-understanding, better relationships and more inspiration and energy, come learn what your deeper wisdom is showing you in your dreams!  For more information or to register, contact Millsaps College Continuing Education at 601-974-1130 or go to this link: Millsaps College Community Enrichment