Individual Coaching and Counseling

I work with high achieving individuals who are struggling to reconnect spiritually, struggling with the problems of midlife, relationships, grief and loss.  You know there’s more to life – what are you yearning for?  Your dreams show you the way…..call to schedule a time to explore the possibilities.

Dream Workshop: The Healing Power of Dreams

Throughout history, our own dreams have provided a rich, very personal resource for problem solving, inspiration, creativity and insight.  Participants will learn to ways to use their dreams as a source of information and inspiration about themselves and possible difficulties in relationships, problems relating to work or artistic expression, or problems of a spiritual nature.  In this one-day workshop, I will introduce participants to basic tools to access this natural resource and offer plenty of hands-on practice using participants’ dreams.

“Karen Bonner is a masterful guide to the world of dreams. She hands you a set of keys that can unlock the messages waiting in the characters and images of your dreams – messages from God and from your own untapped wisdom.  A day with Karen will awaken you to a rich resource of spiritual growth.”                                                                                                                                                                                                           Rebecca Youngblood of the Center for Ministry

Myers-Briggs Personality Type Workshops

Where do you put your attention?  Where do you get your energy?  How do you take in information?  How do you make decisions?  How do you interact with the outer world?  Would it be helpful to you to know the answers to these questions?

The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicatior is an inventory of psychological type based on the theories of Carl G. Jung.  It can identify your preferences of attention and energy, intake of information, decision making and interacting with the outer world.  It measures these preferences on the four axes of Extrovert-Introvert, Sensate-Intuitive, Thinking-Feeling and Judging-Perceiving.  Knowing your preferences and the preferences of those around you can foster understanding and cooperation between couples, in families and in the workplace.

Here is what some participants have said about a recent MBTI workshop:

“If you are in the people business, I consider this a necessity – if you are married, even more so!”  Amy Head of Amy Head Cosmetics

“Karen’s presentation captured my attention and has introduced to me a whole new world of ideas that I can’t wait to explore!”  Kimberly Shawrer


Haden Institute Summer Dream Conference featuring Jean Shinoda Bolen, May 27 – June 1, Kanuga Conference Center, Kanuga North Carolina.  Here’s a link to the Haden Institute for more information.  I’ll present Jung 101: Dream Psychology for Beginners as a pre-conference workshop.  Hope to see you there!

Understanding Your Dreams – a Different Spiritual Path:  Adelynrood Retreat and Conference Center, Byfield. MA, July 20 – 22.  Is it really possible that God speaks to ordinary people like you and me in our dreams?  Yes!  This event will offer a model for understanding how dreams are a way for this Spirit of God to communicate with each of us symbolically and experientially.  Here’s a link to Adelynrood for more information.