Three Oaks Behavioral Health – an intensive outpatient facility for those dealing with mental health issues and addiction.

The Haden Institute (www.hadeninstitute.com)  Offers training to therapists, clergy and laypeople interested in knowing more about dreaming as a path to spiritual wholeness and in leading dream groups.

Seedwork (www.seedwork.org) A great resource for information about working with dreams as a spiritual discipline.

International Association for the Study of Dreams (www.asdreams.org)  Find out about the latest research on dreams and dreaming.

Karen Mori Bonner is listed at AllTherapist.com



Understanding Your Dreams – a Different Spiritual Path:  Adelynrood Retreat and Conference Center, Byfield. MA, July 20 – 22.  Is it really possible that God speaks to ordinary people like you and me in our dreams?  Yes!  This event will offer a model for understanding how dreams are a way for this Spirit of God to communicate with each of us symbolically and experientially.  Here’s a link to Adelynrood for more information.