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The archetype is “a formative principle of the ‘image-creating mind.’ The archetypes became centers of creative and healing impact.  The emphasis was continually toward the regulating and healing activity of the archetype on what is going on inside us…..once the images were accepted, they began to transform.  They reflected a coherent development toward a goal, an intelligence, a foreknowledge, of how our lives can most meaningfully develop–a knowledge often far greater than what the conscious mind can muster.”  *  Archetypes,  appear in our dreams at important times in our lives, if we are paying attention.  They represent patterns of human behavior, but as you see, they are much more than that.  Every character in Star Wars, the Harry Potter stories and the Twilight series are archetypes.  That explains the universal and passionate following these stories have.  Archetypes touch us deeply and that  is reason enough to watch our dreams.

*From J. Gary Sparks’ book, At the Heart of the Matter: Synchronicity and Jung’s Spiritual Testament, p. 69.


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