Author Jeremy Taylor is coming to Jackson February 24 & 25

Author and Dreamworker Jeremy Taylor will present a two day seminar, Dreams, Community and the Authentic Life at St. James’ Episcopal Church Friday night and Saturday, February 24 and 25.  Jeremy is the author of DreamWork, The Living Labyrinth, Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill, and The Wisdom of Your Dreams. Here is an excerpt from DreamWork:

Since the dawn of written history, and even earlier, dreams have served as a primary vehicle for human creativity and increasing self-awareness  Dreams have also been viewed traditionally as a means of communication with and revelation of “divine will” (regardless of the particular religious beliefs prevailing in any society in any particular historical period). The religions of the world all have ancient traditions of dream work woven into their sacred texts and oral traditions.  A survey of these various traditions and a comparison of historical recorded dreams with our own dreams in the present moment show that dreams speak a universal language of symbol and metaphor…..

All people dream in essentially the same fashion, and because all people dream, the energies of the creative impulse are increasingly available to anyone who takes the time to remember and work with dreams.  When we make the effort to remember and record our dreams and playfully and meditatively explore and express their images and energies, this effort almost invariably reveals startling insights, creative ideas, and more conscious understanding of confusing emotions.

Absolutely true!  This has been my personal experience is working with my dreams as well as the experience of the dream groups with whom I work and my clients.  Consider coming to this seminar to learn more about how to work with your dreams, by yourself or in community.  Contact me at for more information and a registration form.  See you there!


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