Awakening to dreams

I discovered a new/ old book I’d like to recommend to you. Callings by Gregg Leroy was first published in 1997, twenty years ago.  A client gave me a copy this year and it has been a revelation. When I checked the publication date, I asked “where have you been for the last twenty years?!”  Here’s what the author says about dreams as a way of listening to the call of your life:

Dreams bubble up from the unconscious, which seems to contain an image of the way we’re supposed to be.  The unconscious works toward the expression of this potential the way a sculptor works toward releasing the statue inside a rock.  To ignore dreams is to hide the sculptor’s tools, to tear out pages from our own stories…..If we ignore dreams we cut ourselves off from the place from which calls emanate. Most spiritual traditions clearly regard dreams as revelations from the gods, the soul, the Big Soup….

Amen. I was hurrying to finish the book so I could pass it along to my son. Then, last night, I was looking through my bookshelf for another book and I found a copy of Callings! Who knows how long it has been there! 



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