Happy New Year!

Check out this interview with Alice Robb whose new book Why We Dream: The Transformative Power of Our Nightly Journey is now available. ...(more)

Another example of a dream possibly saving a life!

Here’s a cool article about actor Mark Ruffalo, star of Avenger movies, The Kids are Alright, Shutter Island, Thor movies, lots more. ...(more)

Can Dreams Give You a Heads Up About Your Health?

I attended the Haden Institute Summer Dream Conference a few weeks ago.  I go every year and this year’s conference was...(more)


I’ve come across some Japanese phrases I’d like to share with you.  These first three come from a Japanese philosophy for a happy life:...(more)

Perfectionism – it will drag you down and keep you stuck

Yikes!  I’ve been hearing an awful lot lately about young people being unable to move forward in their lives.  I’ve heard some therapy-savvy young clients refer to perfectionism as the reason. ...(more)

What’s the difference between therapy and coaching?

First, here’s what’s similar: Both therapist and coach LISTEN without judgement.  Ideally, both help a client come to their own best conclusions and decisions. Both may offer...(more)


It’s almost broad daylight when I walk my tiny greyhound, Ned, at 6am.  It seems just a short time ago, I was walking alone (too cold for Ned) in the pitch dark.  These early morning walks have become...(more)

Awakening to dreams

I discovered a new/ old book I’d like to recommend to you. Callings by Gregg Leroy was first published in 1997, twenty years ago.  A client gave me a copy this year and it has been a revelation....(more)

Depressed people are brave

Depressed people are very brave.  Depression is scary, even terrifying.  Depression is frustrating and exhausting....(more)

The Unconscious is bigger than you are…..

Dang….I really thought I knew my own mind.  I have this sense I know what I’m doing and I’m making rational decisions.  HA!  New neuroscience research is proving over and over again how irrational we are and...(more)


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