Dream Groups

Working with members’ dreams can bind a group together like nothing else.  It can be deeply satisfying and meaningful.  It can also be very revealing of members’ soft spots and vulnerabilities.  With a few ground rules in place, it’s worth taking a chance to be part of such a group – or to start one.

The most important two things to remember are: confidentiality and boundaries.  What goes on in the group, stays in the group.  No one can feel OK about revealing even a little bit of what’s behind the persona (mask) if she thinks it may be talked (gossiped) about outside the group. 

By boundaries, I mean that group members allow the designated dreamer to draw her own conclusions about the truth of her dream.  No one can impose a meaning on another’s dream.  Even if you are absolutely positive you know this dream means THAT, it may not be time for the dreamer to see it.  Besides, the more positive you are of the meaning of someone else’s dream, the more likely it is that meaning applies to you instead.  That’s why we preface all comments on another’s dream in group work with “if this were my dream…”  or “in my dream…” 

One of the dream groups I belong to now is almost ten years old.  The members have glimpsed into one another’s psyches and one another’s lives in the most intimate way.  Being in this group and in the group that formed a couple of years later have been richly rewarding.  Consider joining a dream group or start one by gathering a group of interested friends and reading Jeremy Taylor’s Dreamwork.  Follow the sensible instructions he gives and start dreaming! 


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