Dreaming it forward

I’ve recently finished reading a fascinating book – so fascinating that I’m going to turn around and read it again.  It’s title is At the Heart of the Matter: Synchronicity and Jung’s Spiritual Testament by J.Gary Sparks.  One of the ideas I continue to think about is how dream images often show up in waking life as if our own psyche and the outer material world were working in concert to ring something to our conscious attention.  This idea is embedded in another: that we are not always the subjects of any given situation while those around us (people, animals, plants, things) are the objects – sometimes we are the objects!  The Universe, our unconscious is operating on us! 

And this: our dreams speak to us on several levels about any given situation or at any given time.  Our dreams also speak to us about several levels of time at the same time.  A dream may be commenting on some unresolved issue from the past, but Sparks thinks it’s more likely that our dreams are pulling us into our futures.  Read it – he says it better than I can!


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