Dreaming of Lace

Brunonia Barry had a dream that she was able to discern a future event in a piece of lace.  The next day, what she discerned in her dream came true.  As a result, Barry was inspired to write a novel incorporating the idea of reading the future in pieces of intricate lace.  Her husband thought so much of the novel, he helped her self-publish it.  Often big-name publishers look down on self-published novels but Barry did something clever.  She gave her book to book clubs and asked for feedback, even before she had it printed in book form.  The book quickly became a favorite and recommendations spread by work of mouth.  Finally, someone at Publisher’s Weekly reviewed it and Barry was offered a publishing contract worth a couple of million dollars.  Read more about Barry and The Lace Readers at www.npr.org.  Look under Books then Authors. 

I love this story.  Dreams are a link to our creativity, if we pay attention to them.  Brunonia Barry paid attention to her dream and it rewarded her twice.  It gave her a plot for a great story.  And in listening to the dream and responding to it, she primed the pump for further creative insights, like how to market a self-published book.  Anyone, everyone can pick up creative insights and inspiration from dreams.  Deidre Barrett wrote a book entitled The Committee of Sleep that is full of examples.  More soon.  Keep dreaming!


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