Dreams and Grief

Dreams that come after a loss of any kind can be extraordinarily helpful.  Grief dreams, like all dreams, come for health and wholeness.  When someone close to us dies, it is very common to dream about them.  Sometimes the dream has a feeling of saying goodbye or a feeling that all will be well – that the person who has died is somehow OK and we’re allowed to feel OK again, too.  Sometimes grief dreams seem more troubling, pointing to some unfinished emotional or psychological business that is asking to be addressed. 

Grief dreams come to facilitate healing of other losses, too – not just after the death of a loved one.  Any loss, like the loss of a marriage or relationship, loss of a job or financial security or status can bring on feelings of grief.  Each of these circumstances is a death of a sort and we may (should) allow ourselves to grieve.  Our dreams can at once help bring unresolved emotions to the surface to be examined and dealt with as well as being an indicator of where we are in our grief process. 

For instance, a woman going through a second divorce may begin dreaming of her first husband.  This may be a signal for her to begin to examine the similarities and differences between the two men – perhaps they were more alike than she is aware in waking life.  Or perhaps the patterns of behavior between her and each of the men were similar and she didn’t realize it. 

If you are grieving, turn your attention to your dreams and see what comfort or resolution they may offer.


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