Dreams have a purpose

We dream for a reason – for many reasons, really.  I remember learning a term in high school biology: homeostasis.  It has to do with maintaining a state of normalcy, stability or balance within a body or within a cell.  When you eat something salty, you crave water – your body is trying to return to it’s normal saline balance or homeostasis.  The term is also used to refer to a state of equilibrium within a social group.   

Our dreams serve that function within our psyche.  When we assume an attitude or a state of mind that’s too extreme, too one-sided, we’ll get dreams to correct us, to show us the other side.  Often, when we are suffering through something in waking life, we’ll get a compensatory dream to comfort us or at least return us to a state of balance. 

Examples: If we are closely aligned with a particular political party, losing our ability to at least listen to the ideas of the other party, holding it and it’s members in contempt, we may dream of a prominent person from the other party at our dinner table, demanding to be fed!

Or when we are under great stress at work, too busy to stop and rest or properly attend to ourselves, we may dream of an old, dear friend or a tranquil scene or someone caring for us in some way.  As we attend to our dreams regulary, we begin to recognize these compensatory types.  They help us become and remain conscious of where we are in our psyche.


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