Dreams speak in metaphors

When I was a little girl, my mother made the Christmons for the Christmon tree put up in the chancel of our Lutheran church.  Christmons were ornaments made of the monograms of Christ (or Mary).  My mother was very creative and crafty and made beautiful, large Chi Rhos and IHS and other symbols out of styrofoam, gold trim and glitter.  Her source was a little paperback book with simple drawings of all sorts of Christian symbols for Jesus, Mary, God, the apostles, saints and events in scripture.  I loved that book and studied it endlessly.  I was very satisfied when I was able to recognize a symbol and know what it meant when looking around my church’s furnishings and stained glass windows.  Then I noticed references to symbols in other places – in art, in commercial logos, everywhere.  It was an entire silent, sort of secret language!  And every symbol had a story under it that conveyed meaning on a deeper level. 

What comes to mind as I write this is Hermes (or Mercury), Greek god of communication, messengers, travelers, commerce and boundaries.  He is often pictured with wings on his helmet and footwear to symbolize the speed at which he was often required to carry messages for the other gods.  He is now employed, at least part-time, by FTD, the florists’ network.  It doesn’t matter if we know consciously who Hermes was/is.  His presence at the top of the FTD webpage communicates something to us about speed, communication and commerce at another level.

Dreams communicate with us this same way – with images, pictures, symbols that carry deeper and fuller meanings, perhaps just out of sight of our conscious waking life.  If we give these images just a little of our attention, they will enrich us in surprising and wonderful ways.


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