Dry Spells

What happens when you quit dreaming?  You really don’t quit dreaming, of course.  Everyone dreams several times each night.  Sometimes, however, even those of us who are attentive, recording and working with our dreams stop remembering them for awhile.  What’s interesting is what “awhile” means.  My own experience is this.  I really write down all the dreams I remember.  Yet, I’ll have a sense I haven’t dreamed much lately.  When I check back in my dream journal, I see that I have dreamed, maybe a couple of times in a week when I usually remember dreams 4-5 nights out of seven.  I’ve rarely gone more than two weeks without remembering a single dream. 

However there are those dry spells.  Our dream groups sometimes experience them collectively.  Here’s what may be going on: It may be that the source of our dreams has given us enough to work on for now.  Perhaps we need to review the last “big” dream we had and do some work with it – or some more work with it.  Alternatively, it may be that we are remaining very conscious in waking life to that which we need to attend now and any additional dream images would be distracting.  So our unconscious stays quiet for the time being.   Happily, dreams always return…..


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