Dying Dreams

20160116_142214-1When I wrote that title just now I realized the double meaning of it.  Funny, that’s how dreams speak to us.  Almost all of the images in our dreams have double or triple or an infinite number of meanings.  What I initially meant to was to write about the dreams dying people report.  I recently read an article from the New York Times given to me by a friend about what seems a wonderful hospice community in Buffalo, NY that actively encourages dying patients to speak of their dreams and visions (yes, visions – not hallucinations!) and what they mean.  Here’s the link.  And here’s the link to Dr. Kerr of the Buffalo, NY hospice giving a TEDx talk about this.  Bottom line – it gives me great hope.

Then I realized, the title Dying Dreams also means dreams about dying.  As my teacher, Jeremy Taylor says, death in dreams is the deepest, most dramatic way to signal true change and transformation.  No other dream symbol can capture the profundity of conscious change.  To change, something in us must die.  Yet there’s never a death without a resurrection – a resurrection transformed!



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