Time for an energy audit!  What gives you energy?  What drains your energy?  Make a list!  I love lists.  They order our minds when nothing else is doable.  But before I run off and wax eloquent on the benefits of list making, let’s return to the energy audit.  Years ago, the local electricity provider would come to your home to audit the use of electricity.  They could tell you where you were wasting energy and offer suggestions about how to conserve it.  Some suggestions were easy and quick fixes, like unplugging appliances and other users of electricity when not in use.  Some suggestions required some expenditure of time, effort and money, like re-caulking doors and windows or re-insulating the attic.  We can do the same thing in a personal energy audit.  Make a list of your energy draining thoughts, activities and people.  Go back through them and decide which of these can be dropped or modified to save your energy.  Now make a list of what gives you energy….people, activities and ways of thinking.  Which of these can you ADD  to your life more often?  Make it happen!

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