Families Impacted by Alcoholism

Oh, no. Not again.

As you pull into the driveway after a long day, you see his truck is there already – and it’s parked wrong.

Your guts clench in that familiar way, and you know – you just know.

He’s been drinking. Again.

You dread going in.

The night ahead is going to be unbearable – a roller coaster of yelling demands that make no sense – and utter exhaustion.

Yet, the loneliness is the worst of it. You feel so alone with this person you love but no longer feel you know or understand.

You try and try and try again to make things right. You beg and plead for them to stop. You threaten and scream. You clean up after their messes and think, “If I can only get through to them, somehow!”

If they really loved you, they’d quit… wouldn’t they?

“Are they crazy, or am I?”

Time for a change – but not them – YOU!

It’s time to do the hard work of changing your perspective, approach, and responses.

It’s time to put yourself and your well-being first.

Perhaps you’re a giving person, and it’s not in your nature to put yourself first. Or maybe it’s just been so long you’ve forgotten how.

You’re not even sure where to start.

You need a safe place to tell your story…

… And a safe person to hear you without judgment or interruption. I’ll listen to you. We’ll take time together to understand the dynamics of your situation.

We’ll assess together what you can change and what is outside of your control. We’ll take our time to put together a plan of action to turn your attention to the care of yourself first.

You’ll learn and practice coping with the pain and discomfort of the relationship within yourself instead of waiting for your loved one to change finally.

As you begin to build your inner strength, we’ll continue to take one step at a time to put good boundaries in place with your loved one.

And we’ll work together to address any feelings you have that you aren’t worthy of freedom from worry and of having peace of mind – no matter what your loved one does or says.

I can help.

Reach out to me today: (601) 594-1961.

Let me coach you through what to do and say – so you can refocus on thriving in your own life.

Sometimes, no matter how much we want to help – to change – others, we come up short.

But you CAN transform yourself.

You CAN become the very best version of yourself – and find the fulfillment, peace, and joy you deserve.