Frick and Frack

I got into trouble the other day – well, not trouble, exactly.  I just didn’t do a good job of saying what I meant at a workshop I was leading.  I had gotten to the point in my explanation of the way the psyche works – using my diagram


– where we discuss masculine and feminine archetypes.  I use the terms “masculine energy” and “feminine energy.”  I talk about women learning to balance masculine energy within themselves and men learning to balance a feminine energy within (see my last post).  I also give out a list of “feminine” qualities and “masculine” qualities.  What invariably happens is that at least one woman – sometimes several – object to having any feminine qualities, seeing them as weak, unacceptable and devaluing them all!  These are the very women who are ardent believers in feminism – demanding equality yet aligning themselves with only masculine ways of being!   It came to me on the ride home that perhaps I could change the nomenclature.  Stop calling it masculine and feminine.  That gets too mixed up with male and female, man and woman.  What I’m talking about is a type of energy balance within everyone, and that our lives sometimes calls for one type of energy and then the other; always dynamic and looking for balance, away from extremes.  So what shall we call these two energies?  In the East, they are known as Yin and Yang.  How about Mutt and Jeff?  Heckle and Jeckle?  Frick and Frack?  Lucy and Ethel?  Eros and Logos?  Circular and Straight?  More on this next post – 

Yes, I learned how to insert a pic.


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