Graduation Day

Please allow me a personal reflection.  Today is Mothers’ Day.  Yesterday I received one of the best Mothers’ Day gifts any mother could receive.  My child successfully completed a long and challenging education – he graduated from law school.  I sat proud and happy and more than a little wistful as he appeared in the procession in cap and gown, remembering that just 7 minutes ago- make that 7 years ago we were dropping him off at the freshman dorm. 

Interestingly, I dreamed in January that I would graduate on May 30th.  In the dream, I even thought or questioned this idea.  It must be Zach’s graduation and that’s Mothers’ Day weekend.  No, said someone in the dream (or maybe the dream itself), not Zach.  You.  On May 30th. 

About two months later I had another graduation themed dream which included a long bus ride and trips into and out of various building and elevators.  My graduating classmates included several native Americans;  one character in the dream reminded me of how important this graduation was to them. 

Graduation as a dream theme can mean exactly what it means in waking life.  The lessons are learned at this level  – time to move on to the next.  Or time to put them to work.  Transition.  In watching my son graduate from law school, I realize that is really the end of his schooling and this phase of motherhood for me.  I have more and more turned my attention to my aging parents – time to graduate to caring for them?  And what of my native American classmates?  I have put a big circle on Saturday, May 30 in my calendar.  I’ll let you know what happens.


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