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Some interesting articles about dreams and dream research have appeared in the media in the last several weeks.  In the Novmber 16th issue of the New Yorker Magazine is Nightmare Scenario by Margaret Talbot in which she reports on ways therapists approach clients’ persistant nightmares, including post traumatic stress nightmares.  The technique explained is called image-rehearsal therapy.  It involves rewriting the dream in waking life and mentally rehearsing the new images during the day and before sleep.  Go to

Recently, the PBS program Nova explored new research in sleep and dreaming.  Check out and look for What are Dreams? 

Also, the New York Times has published several dream related articles in the last several weeks.  Go to and search for Mind: A Dream Interpretation: Tuneups for the Brain. 

Here’s the best!  Yesterday, Stephanie Meyer, the author of the Twilight series about vampires that has completely captured large swaths of popular culture, was interviewed on CBS Sunday Morning.  She told in detail how the story of Bella and Edward came to her in a dream.  She was so taken with the emotions she experienced around the image of  a young boy and girl in the dream, she wrote down the dream and just kept it going.  In about three months she had a novel.  This is a wonderful example of Active Imagination – continuing the dream consciously in waking life!  Go to and look for CBS Sunday Morning for the entire interview.


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