Great Reasons to Work with Your Dreams

In his brilliant book, Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill,  Jeremy Taylor outlines ten basic assumptions for individual or group dream work.  Rereading them recently, it became clear to me these are not just assumptions – they are compelling reasons for anyone, everyone to start now, keep a dream journal and begin the work.  In the days and weeks to come, I’ll enumerate and comment on the Ten Assumptions.  In the meantime, go, at once and get Taylor’s fascinating book – there are “a-ha’s” on every page.

First, all dreams come for health and wholeness, even scary, disgusting, dark dreams and nightmares.  How can this be?  Our dreams, no matter their form, come to give our conscious, waking mind important information.  If we are not consciously paying attention to our emotions, or a given situation in our waking life, disturbing dreams as well as recurring dreams come get our attention.  Long, vivid, movie-like dreams or dreams that contain fantastical images or dreams that are intensely sexual serve the same purpose.  Our dreams come from a place deep inside our psyche, a place touched by the Divine, and that higher, deeper place in us only wants our well-being in all things.  True wholeness requires a “fearless moral inventory” as 12-Step groups say.  Dreams bring to us images of ourselves we are not fully aware of, positive and negative, for us to come to terms with for our own health and wholeness.


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