Group dreaming

I’ve been part of a dream group for almost ten years.  I’ve been part of a second group for almost eight years.  The groups meet regularly in a church and an emphasis for both groups is dreams’ spiritual dimension.  A dreamer offers a dream and the group gets to work, asking questions, making suggestions by beginning, “if this were my dream….”  The dreamer’s responsibility is to sift through all that is offered and check in with her gut, her intuition – to feel the little “click” of insight and recognition that indicates we’re on to something. 

Here’s the reason to consider doing dream work in a group.  Over and over again, I hear “I never would have gotten all of that by myself!”  Doing dream work with people you trust allows them to project on to your dream a little.  Since dreams speak a universal language of symbol and metaphor, and since we are all tied together at some unconscious level, allowing others to comment on our dreams opens up vast new possibilities of meaning.  It’s like tapping into the immense underground treasure of knowledge at multiple sites instead of just one. 

Interested in finding or forming a dream group?  Email me here and I’ll get you started.


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