Happy New Year – don’t change a thing.

A new year – traditionally a time for new beginnings, trying out new ways of doing things, making resolutions to live better.  I’ve got a radical suggestion.  Don’t.  That’s right.  Don’t change a thing – at least for a couple of weeks.  Just get back in your regular routine after the holidays.  Wait.

Here’s why: you’ve probably made resolutions before on New Year’s Day, only to backslide by the MLK long weekend – Super Bowl weekend at the latest.  There’s a pattern. Break that pattern.

Try this instead:  Pick ONE thing – just one – to change or to begin or to stop doing.  Take 2 – 3 weeks to decide which ONE thing that will be.  Think of ways to make that ONE thing possible – even easy.  If you’ve decided to get up 30 minutes earlier to take that morning walk, make it easier to do by arranging your workout clothes nearby to go on OVER your pajamas.  If you don’t have to take off clothes and get cold to put on clothes, you’ll be out the door faster.  If you’ve decided to drink more water, fill your favorite container and set it next to the coffee pot at night.  As your coffee is brewing the next morning, quickly down the bottle of water ( I can’t verify this but I once read that French women swear by a full glass of water first thing in the morning as a skin improving beauty secret).

To stop doing something, make it more difficult.  Is ice cream your diet downfall?  You can still have it – any time you like.  Just don’t have it in your freezer.  When you want ice cream, you have to go somewhere to get it.  And you have to eat it before you get home.

Make the things you want to become healthy habits easier and more convenient.  Set up deliberate roadblocks to the activities you’d like to stop.  Get creative!




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