How do you know?

Our dreams are full of images – fascinating, terrifying, mundane – and each image has meaning for the dreamer.  In fact, each image has multiple meanings, associations, memories, shades of emotions and intuitions.  How, then, do we know which meaning our dream is bringing to us? 

Listen to the gut.  Pay attention to the associations, spend time with them and identify which ones attract, which ones repel and which leaves you unmoved.  Now look for the a-ha!, that peculiar combination of recognition and memory, that knowing that comes from your intuition.  “Oh, this is what this dream is about!”  Jeremy Taylor puts it this way: “The dreamer’s aha of recognition is a function of previously unconscious memory and is the only reliable touchstone of dream work.”

Please don’t worry if you get it wrong – you can’t, at least not for long.  If you come to a conclusion that ego wants but is at odds with the greater good (of your psyche), you’ll get another dream to correct you.  Dreams tell the truth until you hear it!


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