How to cope

Friends, here are two ideas to help us through this time of isolation and quarantine due to the Covid19 virus:  Journal like mad.  Write your experience each day.  If you have time, several times a day.  This serves two purposes.  One, journaling is an excellent way to process our experience and manage overwhelming feelings of anxiety, fear, and depression.  (Only rigorous exercise is better, and I recommend that highly, too!)  Two, you’ll produce a historical record of this time.  Yes, this is history being made each day, and YOU are in the middle of it!  Make a record of your experience!  Write it for your children and grandchildren.  Write it for future historians.

Mary Chestnut was the wife of a South Carolina planter.  She kept a diary of her experiences through the Civil War that provided a wealth of information to historians and all of us about the home front during that terrible time.  Look her up here.

Second idea – if you are not already doing so, keep a journal of your dreams during this time.  Observe any connection between your daytime journal and your dreams.  These may provide an invaluable window into how your psyche is managing this upheaval.  Here’s an interesting article about people having nightmares in Berlin during the Nazi regime.

Above all, BREATHE!  Rest as you are able.  Organize your environment, and you’ll feel more organized within. Meditate. Pray. Practice gratitude.  Love.




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