I’m in a house……

Settings of dreams tell us where we are in our own psyche.  The setting of our dream can give us immediate clues about what information our unconscious wants to make conscious.  Many dreams are set in houses; houses we know, houses we don’t know, houses from our history.  In the fashion world, we hear references to the House of Chanel or the House of Dior.  Edgar Allen Poe tells us of the Fall of the House of Usher (a wonderful nightmare of a story jam-packed with symbolism!).  The idea of the House in dreams is akin to the concept of domain.  When we dream of our childhood home, we are in the domain of childhood and are being asked to review something there that is important today.  When we dream of the house of a friend or relative, we’ve entered their domain, psychologically.  A dream of Grandma’s house may be a reference to any influence or impact Grandma had on the dreamer – all that Grandma taught or modeled or meant.  This gives a certain color to the dream, whether Grandma actually appears or not.  What about a house that’s not familiar?  That is an area in your own psyche with which you are not familiar.  What does it look like?  What condition is it in?   Answers to these questions give clues to how to approach the rest of the dream.

Save the date!  Larry Maze, former Episcopal bishop of Arkansas will come to St. James’ Episcopal Church, Jackson, MS February 26 and 27, 2010 to give a presentation about coming to terms with your Shadow – and out of that difficult work, how to claim your own inner authority.  Larry is a wonderful speaker and presenter.  Make plans now to come.  Details will be posted here in the next month or so.


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