Journaling for Fun and Profit

I’m risking my livelihood here.  I tell my clients all the time that if they do just three things, they’ll be able to fire me.  1. Exercise everyday for one hour.  Yep, one solid hour.  The benefits of a brisk walk don’t emerge until the last 15 minutes of that hour walk.  2. Sleep.  You’ve seen all the articles about Americans being sleep deprived – they are!  Good sleep for 7 -8 hours a night is the foundation for good mental health – good health, period.  3. Journal every day.  Write for thirty minutes at least.  Julie Cameron in her book The Artists’ Way suggests three pages (Morning Pages, she calls them) of what ever is floating through your mind first thing in the morning before getting out of the bed.  Other people prefer to write about the day when that day is done – a gripe journal or gratitude journal -it doesn’t matter.  Writing is a way of getting stuff out of your head so you can look at it in a new way.  You become your own therapist!  Try it!


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