Just a minute

Just a minute.  I want to pause in the discussion of the Ten Golden Rules of dream work as put forth by Jeremy Taylor in Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill.  I had a wonderful experience yesterday I’d like to tell you about instead – and recommend it to you, too.

Thanks to my husband, Jeff, who insisted with no discussion that I join him, I was able to spend a day in the country.  Some generous friends have a hunting camp on the Mississippi River just south of Vicksburg and invited us over for the day to relax at the lodge that’s being renovated.  The current conditions are primitive (read no plumbing) but that will be rectified soon.  The day was perfect: not too warm and a gentle breeze blew often enough to keep me comfortable.  The property is beautiful.  Plentiful rain has made it all lush and green.  I saw birds, insects and wildlife.  I walked for over an hour and sat up high in an old tree stand for two in quiet meditation.  All of this was balm for my soul.  My busy-ness had kept me citified and on a tight schedule for weeks on end.  I was so grateful to get to sit in an old plastic chair up high in my treestand overlooking a giant oak and beyond that a green field and forever treeline.  I watched hummingbirds in the wildflowers blooming.  I felt my breathing slow and my shoulders relax.  For a few hours, I was outside of my head and in Creation.  I am refreshed.  I recommend you do the same – soon


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