Ok, I’m not really a Zig Ziglar fan.  Years ago I went with a couple of colleagues to one of his motivational speeches.  It seemed very slick and prepackaged and stagey to me.  Lots of people around me were evidently getting something out of it, though, so I tried to stay with it.  I only remember one thing he said to which I responded internally, “Of course!”  He said even if you’re up half the night – or all night – sick with worry or anxiety about what’s going on in your life, you still get up and go do what you’ve committed to.  You can miss one night’s sleep; you won’t die.  And by the way, make up your mind it’s going to be a good day anyway.

Man, I loved that.  I expanded it to include those days that start out terrible.  Spilled coffee all over myself in the car going to the office.  Flat tire. Scrambled schedule.  I say to myself, sometimes out loud, “Just because it started this way doesn’t mean it’s a bad day.”  From that moment forward it’s a do-over.

Here’s James Altucher again on Just Showing UP


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