Look for these in your next dream

I remember when I was a kid going to the dentist’s office and looking through a children’s magazine entitled “Highlights.”  Did every dentist’s and pediatrician’s office have “Highlights?”  One feature included a detailed picture of a landscape and the viewer was asked to find the hidden figures throughout.  Maybe a face in the tree bark or a dog in the clouds.  Well, our dreams work that way sometimes.  Here are some “hidden figures” to look for in your dreams: a circle, a center and the number four.

Circle: partial circles or completed ones – anything that suggests a circle.  Steering wheels, clocks, a pie, a round table, a daisy, the sun.

Center:  the center of a room, the middle of a field, the center window, the middle door, the middle of the road or wall or body.

Number 4: four of anything – people, objects, animals.  “My husband and I were with another couple,” I saw 3 cats and a dog,” there were 4 panes of glass in the window.

These elements are also the elements of the mandala and they represent wholeness and the Divine.  Most dreams contain at least one element and many contain all three: “I saw a round window made up of 4 equal panes in the middle of the wall facing east.  The sun was shining through it and illuminated the dark room.”   Most dreams aren’t as obvious – the Divine elements often show up in the background or low foreground of a dream.  See if you can notice them in your next remembered dream.


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