Make a dream from old magazines

Save your magazines for awhile.  Go buy some that you know contain beautiful or striking images, a gluestick and some stiff paper or posterboard.  Set aside a couple of quiet hours one day.  Set a timer for about thirty minutes.  For that amount of time, page through the magazines and without thinking about it, rip out pages that contain images that affect you.  Just tear out the whole page, set it aside and keep going.  Remember, don’t think – just react.  When the timer goes off, stop.  Now go through the images you’ve collected and choose one to put in the center of your collage.  I prefer to carefully tear out the image rather than use scissors, but use scissors if you like.  Now build around the central image with more images.  I like to place them a little at first, before I stick them down using the gluestick – again, do it your way, without thinking. 

I have two of these I completed a couple of weeks ago here with me in my office (as soon as I figure out how, I’ll upload a photo of them).  I’ve made more than a few collages this way.  I’m always pleased with the outcome.  When I teach this method in some groups I facilitate, the participants almost always really like what they’ve made.  That’s because they’ve put a little piece of their psyche out in the world – a reflection of the Self.  They’ve made a dream.  The psyche works the same way.  It mines the deep regions of the unconscious for images it likes that sends the visual message to waking life ego that ego needs to see. 


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