Multiple layers of meaning

Continuing with Jeremy Taylor’s basic guidelines of dreamwork:  Every dream has multiple layers of meaning.  Dreams can comment on the dreamer’s physical condition, psychological state, spiritual outlook, relationships with others – and, more broadly, the dreamer’s wider social circle, community and even the world – all at the same time!  That’s why it is important to look beyond the obvious meanings, the ones that present themselves immediately upon awakening.  Remember, dreams come to tell us something we don’t already know.

While dreams can address all levels of our lives at the same time, usually one issue or idea comes to the forefront and demands our attention.  Once again, developing that sense of “a-ha!” helps us know which direction to try first.  After working the dream and before leaving it,  try thinking about all possibilities upon which it may be commenting.

On a personal note, I’ll be away next week on retreat.  Being an introvert, I look forward to a week of silence and rest so I will not post next week.  I look forward to reporting on my retreat upon my return.


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