Only the dreamer knows what the dream means

In Jeremy Taylor’s book Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill, this is the third assumption in dream work.  It means that each dream is a personal message in the extreme from the individual’s unconscious.  Each person has an entire universe of images, ideas, energies, bits and pieces of knowledge, experiences and emotions that live (yes, they’re alive!) in the unconscious.  Some are near the surface just out of sight of consciousness while others are deep in the folds of memory, difficult or impossible to pull up at will.  There is an organizing force (more on this in a future blog) in the unconscious that constantly moves us, somehow, toward health and wholeness, and it uses those images and energies to fashion a dream personally just for us.  Each symbol or image means what it means to us.  That is why no other person, no book or dream dictionary can really tell you what your dream means.  Only you know. 


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