Rivers and ponds

I had a powerful dream about a river the other night.  It brought to mind all of the dreams I’ve had or the dreams I’ve heard with rivers in them.  And other bodies of water: ponds, lakes, swimming pools, wells, fountains, the ocean.  In dream work, it’s often assumed that water = unconscious.  “Oh, well, that’s your unconscious…”  I would like to pause and spend a moment here to appreciate the profound meanings of water in our dreams.  Water is necessary for life and there is life in water.  We are made mostly of water.  Amniotic fluid has the same salinity as the ocean.  Things are alive but unseen under the water.  Life is like a river – the river of life. 

When we dream of water – in whatever form – it is easy to fall back on ” that represents my unconscious.”  Let’s try this:  that’s my life, with all its dynamic depth, my self – it is full of life, movement, currents.  In one part of my dream I’m in the river; later I’m on a large boat on the river.  In both cases, I’m able to go with the flow of the river, not trying to swim or push upstream.  May it be so in my waking life.


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