Shadow work – the most important work of your life –

Acknowledging our dark side, not allowing it to manifest in uncontrolled and uncontrollable ways is worth the effort.  First it’s necessary to see it!  How?  By paying attention to the dark or frightening figures in our dreams, more often than not of our same gender.  They are mirrors, off to the side, showing us the back of our consciousness.  Also, pay attention to what we see in others that is unacceptable, distasteful, enraging, or ugly.  The hard truth is, especially if what we see gets us overly riled up, that is us.  Yikes.  Here’s an interesting take on a bride and groom facing and accepting a shadowy part of themselves before the wedding day:

“I recently heard about a couple who had the good sense to call upon the shadow in a pre-wedding ceremony. The night before their marriage, they held a ritual where they made their “shadow vows.” The groom said, “I will give you an identity and make the world see you as an extension of myself.” The bride replied, “I will be compliant and sweet, but underneath I will have the real control…” They then drank champagne and laughed heartily at their foibles, knowing that in the course of the marriage, these shadow figures would inevitably come out. They were ahead of the game because they had recognized the shadow and unmasked it.”

-Robert Johnson, Owning Your Own Shadow




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