Sitting with a dream

Beginning dream workers love to analyze.  It is so fun and exciting to dig into the symbolic meaning of each dream image.  The temptation to look up in a symbol dictionary or, worse, a dream dictionary the meaning of the cat or clown or cabbage that appears in our dreams is so alluring, especially when no ready personal associations come to mind.  But when we do that, we sometimes get caught up in the starshine of the more esoteric and glamorous possibilities.  Not that they aren’t important or even true at some level, but much more is to be gained by personal associations.

How do we approach a dream with seemingly meaningless, obscure images?  After associating as much as we can, we sit with it.  We do that by keeping something of that dream before us for a while.  We make a drawing or a painting of the image that puzzles us.  We make it out of clay.  We find and buy a representation of it (Toys-R-Us is a wonderful store).  Put that by our bed or on the counter in the bathroom as we begin or end our day.  We might take it with us to the office and set it beside us on the desk for a day or two.  And we wait.  Without fail, if we’re patient and open, something will come to us – a daylight insight or a new dream at night.  The wait is usually worth it.


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