The People You Counted on Most
Let You Down

You Were Manipulated and Betrayed

Let’s Rebuild Your Faith in People and God

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Your faith was everything to you.

Investing yourself entirely in your faith community, you shared your love of God and felt like this place, this church, above all other places, was a site of safety and trust.

It was a place to be vulnerable, to bare your soul.

You were looking for spiritual nourishment and sanctuary, but you were deeply wounded instead.

It was a betrayal from which it’s hard to recover. You thought you’d finally found a safe space.

But it wasn’t safe.

When you tried to talk about what was happening to you, no one showed they cared. Or worse, they blamed you and your “sinfulness” for what happened to you.

Your pastor and church leaders turned their back on you – it was a double betrayal.

Worst of all, someone in authority you trusted seemed to care very much – too much – but then they violated that trust or sexual boundaries and then blamed you for what happened.

It’s hard to imagine anything more painful. Your subsequent loneliness and separation left you utterly brokenhearted

That wasn’t God. You deserve better.

What you’ve experienced is a kind of trauma unlike any other.

Let’s rebuild your faith and joy. Yes, it is possible to heal and find a new, more profound spirituality, a closer connection to your Creator, not dependent on any other person.

Learn to worship again with others. Learn how to be your authority when it comes to discerning the will of God for your life.

It’s time to start healing.

Here’s what it looks like: Come tell your story at your own pace. We’ll digest it together.

I’ll suggest tangible, concrete steps to restore your belief and trust in yourself and in God.

Those steps may include using safe self-soothing self-care techniques when you get overwhelmed.

They may involve some journaling or role-play.

We’ll look at your dreams as a source of information from your deepest, wisest self.

And then, when you’re ready, we’ll explore finding a new faith community that will nourish you spiritually and allows you to connect again.

You are not alone!

I’ve been there. I’ve lived through a period of church upheaval, polarization, and betrayal.

Loneliness and isolation are among the worst experiences humans endure.

Yet, you can feel connected and included again. Feel “at home” and accepted again in a healthy community of loving, sharing people.

Yes! It’s possible. Let me help.

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