Symbolism – the language of dreams

grandcoteau08-093There’s a very good reason our dreams speak to us in the language of symbolism and metaphor – several reasons, really.  In REM sleep, which is when dreams occur, the part of the brain that processes language, written and spoken, is offline.  The part of the brain that processes meaning, symbolism and emotion is still active.  That’s the neurological reason that researchers are able to point to in brain scans.  On another level, dreams speak to us in symbols and metaphors as a way to reach our deeper understanding and to engage our feelings.  Often, we suppress our true feelings about many things to maintain the status quo, to avoid any change that is demanded.  But our dreams put together a narrative and images to bring the unrecognized and the unvalued aspects of ourselves and our emotions to light in a more powerful way.  Listen! Our dreams always tell the truth.


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