The Dream Uses You

In Marc Ian Barasch’s book Healing Dreams: Exploring the Dreams That Can Transform Your Life he he writes: “Many people wonder why they should bother with their dreams at all. A common answer is that they will help us with our lives, and this is certainly true.  Even the most extraordinary dream, properly investigated, will have much to say about bread-and-butter issues like work, love,  and health.  But the Healing Dream is less a defender of our waking goals – material achievement, perfect romance,  modest niche in history-than an advocate general for the soul, whose aims may lay athwart those of the ego.  It is often uninterested in the self-enhancement  strategems we mistake for progress. “It’s vulgarizing to say that we can use dreams as tools-like shovels! ……” a dreamworker once told me with some passion.  “It’s more like” – and here he seemed to fluoresce with certainty-“the dream uses you.” 

“How, then, should we see a Healing Dream?  We might think of it as a window that enlarges our perspective, freeing us of a certain tunnel vision.  It frames our daily concerns in a context beyond the confines of our room.  The view from this dream window opens onto what we have thought the exclusive province of mystics and philosophers-conundrums like the meaning of the sacred, the problem of evil, the nature of time, the quest for a true calling, the mysteries of death and love-making these issues intimately our own.”  pages 26 and 27.

A very smart and wonderful Presbyterian minister/Jungian analyst I know said once, “Dream ego gets it wrong 99% of the time.”  That is, the “I” in any dream has a point of view and makes assumptions.  The point of the dream is to change or at least broaden the “I” perspective.  By practicing with dreams to change and broaden one’s point of view, it becomes easier to do this in waking life, opening up lots of possibilities.  Start by writing down your dreams – every time you remember one.


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