The Unconscious is bigger than you are…..

Dang….I really thought I knew my own mind.  I have this sense I know what I’m doing and I’m making rational decisions.  HA!  New neuroscience research is proving over and over again how irrational we are and how much we are affected by the invisible movements of our unconscious psyche.  Have you read Micheal Lewis’ The Undoing Project?  Well, that will get you started!  So, if we’re so much at the mercy of our unseen and unknown mind, what hope is there?  Two ideas:  First, I just enjoyed our Winter Dream Conference with Kathleen Wiley who told us to LISTEN TO THE BODY!  It is the unconscious.  (That took a minute to wrap my mind around).  Second, listen to your dreams!  Our dreams are the plays our unconscious mind puts on to show us what’s going on.  Just listen and watch and learn the language…..


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