The Value of a Window

I have a new office.  I moved last weekend with my husband’s and our friend’s help.  They were so cheerful about it even in the blistering heat.  They even helped me lay out the furniture in the new, smaller space.  I had to lose two pieces of furniture, but I got a window. 

In my former office, I had a lot of space and no window.  I didn’t realize how important having a window was until this morning, when I arrived at my new office for the first time.  I was alone in the building; my colleagues haven’t finished moving in yet.  I opened the door to my space and I spontaneously and without thought let out a little happy yelp.  Everything looked great in the light coming in from the window, which is large and framed in dark brown with dark brown blinds, the exact same color as my office furniture.  As I sat down at my desk, I could hear a bird sing outside my window.  In my other office, I opened the door to …..darkness.  Now I have light. 

Windows in our dreams, at one level, allow us to look, to see from one place in psyche to another.  Windows are openings to the wider places within ourselves.  Windows let light in our psyche and with light comes consciousness.

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