The Workshop

I led a workshop Saturday at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi entitled The Healing Power of Dreams.  It was a gorgeous early fall day, really too pretty to be inside, yet fifteen people joined me in Millsaps’ library to talk about and work with dreams all day.  What a terrific group!  I had planned to spend some amount of time “selling” the idea of dream work at the beginning of the day but after all had introduced themselves and said a few words about why they had come, I realized I didn’t have to.  The workshop went smoothly, I felt.  I was in the flow all day and left energized and happy.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and felt comfortable asking questions.  I called Jeff on the ride home to tell him all about it – I told him it was my best workshop ever.  Uh-oh.

Then that night I had a dream.  I enter a restaurant where I see a man I know seated at a round table with his 20-something son and several other people.  I know the man and the son in waking life.  Both are very creative in the arts.  I go to the son and embrace him.  The father ignores us both.  He is put out because he is not the center of attention.   Later I’m talking about this with an eminent psychologist, one of the very pioneers in our field, about this.  He abruptly interrupts our conversation to speak to a female, African American movie star who is nearby making a movie.  Oh, boy.  I realize after working with the dream a little that it has to do with my own inner movie star.  I love the attention.  And I see myself in the father, so resentful when I’m not the center of attention.  Not always, of course – just when I think I deserve attention – ouch!  At one level at least this dream is a warning to me: know I have this within me – the capability to crave attention and resent it when it’s not given.  The bright spot, I think, is when I embace the young man, the creative masculine energy.  I just have to remember to also embrace his father.

I did not post last week because I was in beautiful Oxford, Mississippi visiting my son.  We had a delightful weekend together.  This week, I was so proud of my Alma Mater, the University of Mississippi, located in Oxford, for the great job everyone there did to host the first presidential debate. 

Next week we’ll return to Jeremy Taylor’s basic assumptions for healthy dream work – have a great week!


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