Three Things To Look For In Every Dream

Circles, centers and 4’s.  That’s right.  I heard a terrific talk by Barbara Koning at the Haden Institute Summer Dream Conference a couple of years ago about evidence of the Holy in every dream.  She talked of Carl Jung’s concept of the Self as the organizing principle within every human psyche – we might refer to it as God or the Holy Spirit or Christ Within.  Or Atman or Allah or one of the other thousand names of the Divine.  Each of these elements, circles, centers and 4’s point to wholeness at the center of ourselves.  Notice these are elements of the mandala.  So here’s an example:  “I dreamed my sister and two friends went on a camping trip.  We set up our campsite in the middle of the woods.  We built a  campfire by setting stones in a circle then setting up kindling using our best girl scout skills.  As we sat around the fire, I noticed my sister wasn’t there – I sensed we needed to go look for her.”  Here’s evidence of God peeking out from behind the scenery of this stage play called a dream.  The middle of the woods, the circular campfire – and the four – the dreamer, her two friends and her sister.  One of the four, the sister, goes missing.  Three is unstable and dynamic on its way to four which is wholeness and stability.  What part of the dreamer’s personality as represented by the sister does she need to acknowledge and integrate to become whole?  Yeah – aren’t dreams cool?  You might want to check this out, too.


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