Tiny Dancer – a wonderful dream

With the permission of the dreamer, I offer this jewel of a dream:

There is a tiny Japanese dance instructor-the dancers/girls arrive and she is already giving some instructions- she calls one by name and says, “(Name of Dreamer), show me your feminine walk.  Now show me your masculine walk.”  And then she demonstrates it and it is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes.  Each time she demonstrates, she shows something I would not have been able to pull out of myself without seeing it first.  She asks for sad and happy walk, for tender walk….for others I don’t remember.  I am thinking I can learn a lot from watching her.  She is so expressive with her voice and body.  

This dream is a fantastic example of what dreams do for us.  Dreams show us ourselves and all of our aspects – masculine, feminine, sad, happy, tender and more.  We have a tough time seeing ourselves as we really are until we project our hidden sides on to others in waking life or we see ourselves in the characters in our dreams.  In this dream, a beautiful aspect of the dreamer – a numinous or divine aspect, if it were my dream – is showing her everything about herself.


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