Virus Dreams

Have you seen how many articles, hashtags, social media posts have appeared regarding dreams about Covid 19?  Our psyches are disturbed, sometimes violently, by the disruption of our lives and our sense of loss – loss of human contact, loss of loved ones, loss of health, loss of livelihood, loss of freedom.  It’s no wonder our dreams are reflecting this in bizarre, sometimes frightening ways.  Our dreams come to help us, though.  They come to process in sleep what we’ve experienced during the day.  They come as part of our healing and coping process.

It’s vital to pay attention to our dreams, even the distressing ones.  Work with them by writing them down, drawing, or making a representation of an image that appears.  Tell the dream to a trusted friend or family member – not for comment.  Have her just listen and be a container for the dream.  Just before sleep, ask for a new dream to help you understand the disturbing one.  Work with a therapist that uses dream work in their approach.  Out dreams can help you make meaning abuo this whole experience if we learn to work with them.


Wear your mask, wash your hands, stay safe!


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