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A dream starts out – “I’m at a gathering of some kind, maybe a party….”  When a dream has a party as it’s backdrop, we may think about that as a gathering of the disparate parts of psyche into one place.  That colors the meaning of the rest of the dream in a particular way.  What kind of gathering?  Cocktail party?  Dinner party?  Casual?  Formal?  Where is the party?  Do you know the other people there?  If so, who are they and how are they reflections of aspects of you, the dreamer?  If you don’t know them, they may be regarded as unknown aspects of you – and maybe that’s the point of the party – so you can meet them! 

I subscribe to the idea our psyche mirrors in reverse the ever expanding movement of the universe.  Each psyche is forever coming together to be expressed in consciousness.  That is, all of our parts, conscious and unconscious, are in constant movement to come together to the whole and known.  Dreams of parties or gatherings of all sorts give us a hint of what’s constantly going on. 

I especially pay attention when I have or hear a dream in which a wedding takes place.  A wedding is the ultimate expression of the coming together of the opposites into the whole and the wedding feast afterward further celebrates this.  I attended a wedding in waking life yesterday.  After the bride and groom kissed and left the altar, glowing and smiling, the presiding minister invited the assembled company to the reception which he reminded us would have been called a wedding feast in earlier times.  He also reminded us, using Christian terminology,  that the wedding feast is a foretaste of the Heavenly Banquet when we all will be together in God’s Kingdom.  So it is with our wedding and party dreams – in religious terms, they are a hint at the Heavenly Banquet – or ultimate psychological wholeness.

What happens when the party is no fun, full of people we don’t like or who seem unattractive, even dangerous?  Or what if we seem out of place, uninvited, naked!?  It’s been my experience, such a dream signals stubborness or rigidity on the part of our ego – a general non-cooperation with the movement toward wholeness.  What to do?  First, remember those unattractive people are unattractive aspects of YOU!  Examine them first – how are you like them?  “Oh, I’m NOT,” you say.  Look again!  By coming to terms with them, you’re more likely to have a better time at the party!


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