What Dreams Can Do….this is good

A friend recently forwarded this to me – it’s perfect!

YOUR DREAMS ARE both powerful and rebellious. They are not bound by your fears, inertia, pain, or what your grandmother said about you. They don’t have to fit your cramped idea of who you think you are.

They don’t have to be reasonable, nor do they have to please your parents, your boss, or the church. They are free to take you to interior places you can’t imagine and challenge the way you run your life – and the way your life runs you.

They can be outrageous, daring, playful, zany, sexy. They speak truth as they point to your particular needs for growth. They highlight the changes you are now strong enough to make. Your dreams are full of parts of you that you have denied, disguised in your own easily decipherable dreamcode.

Best of all, your dreams are a venue in which God’s presence can be discerned. Your dreams are free to express your natural human spirituality even if you are turned off to organized religion.

– Tilda Norberg
The Chocolate-Covered Umbrella

From pages 26-27 of The Chocolate-Covered Umbrella: Discovering Your Dreamcode by Tilda Norberg. Copyright © 2008 by Tilda Norberg.


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