What to do when you don’t like a dream…..

Troubling, disturbing dreams and nightmares come to do exactly what they do – they come to wake us up.  They come to bring something to consciousness of which we need to be made conscious.  Often they herald the need for profound change – and we usually don’t want any part of that!  Be brave, however, and work with the distressing dream this way:  Write it down in as much detail as you can.  Pump it up a little to make it almost like a short story all the way to the end of the dream.  Now write what happens next.  Just make it up.  Any way you like – remember, it’s a dream and anything, including the improbable and the impossible, can happen.  Give the dream a good ending.  Keep close watch on your next dreams and be sure to write them down, too.  These are the answers to your new ending.  Now you are in dialogue with your deeper self!
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