Who you are meant to be

bottle tree 006That daffodil was inside the bulb all along.  It is now what it was meant to be.  It is fulfilled and complete.  Even when the flower fades, the leaves are still feeding the bulb for the next flowering.  So it is with us.  There is a never ending cycle of energy that only wants to come into what it was meant to be.  Our dreams can show us little glimpses of the power, this energy inside of us that is pulling us into our fulfillment.  The dreams that affect us deeply, that stay with us, that shock us are like the first movement inside of a daffodil bulb toward light and life and expression.  We are being asked, by our dreams, to pay attention and participate….to be conscious.  How?  Starting tonight resolve to keep a journal beside your bed and write down any and all dreams or images that come – so you can be consciously involved in your own blooming.


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